Club Repair

Let our Certified Club Repair Specialists at The Golf Club of Saint Joseph take care of all your club repair needs. From regripping to reshafting, we cover a wide range or club repair jobs. If you don’t see what you need from our price list please feel free to give us a call and we can discuss your club repair needs.

Regrip $2.00 plus Grip Price
Regrip $3.00 (If you supply your own Grips)

ReGlue Head $12.00
Extensions $6.00
Shorten $3.00

Loft/Lie Adjustment $5.00 or $30.00/set

Golf Shaft Install $12.00 + price of shaft
Save Grip $5.00

Shaft Prices
Steel $22.00
Graphite $50.00 and up

Club Fitting $45.00 (Fee is waived if clubs are purchased)

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